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Lico Dwarf Little Leaf Linden (Tilia ‘Lico Dwarf’)Habit:  
Exceptionally rare introduction with extremely diminutive habit. Slow growing, very dwarf structure with closely spaced branches, internodes and tiny branchlets. Foliage:As expected the leaves are also miniature rarely to exceed 1 1/2 inches. Fall color is medium yellow. Flower: Smaller than the species, borne in pendulous racemes. Color is pale yellow and fragrant. Bark: Light yellow-brown, subtle but quite pleasing for winter effect. Ht./Sp. 6 to 9 feet / 5 to 7 feet Zone 2 to 9 Note: Almost as attractive with its winter structure as it is when in leaf. Truly a natural bonsai with little or no pruning required to make it look like a miniature tree. Ideal for the rock garden, container culture or a very small space in the garden. Only larger, mature plants available, field grown ball and burlap specimens starting at $69.00

(This is one of the trees - yes, I went already! Potted and breif haircut.)



Southern Beech (Nothofagus obliqua)

2 to 3 foot bare root, $6.00 each



Ginkgo biloba – bare root

transplants, $4.00 each


Trident Maple (Acer buergerianum)

2 foot seedlings at $6.00 each


Paperbark Maple (Acer griseum)

3 foot seedlings, nice caliper, at $14.00

 Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum)

Medium plugs, 2-3 foot, $4.00 each


European Hornbeam (Carpinus

Betulus) seedlings at $4.00 each

  Korean Hornbeam (Carpinus

Coreana) 6-12” seedlings $4.00


Silverbell Tree (Halesia tetraptera, formerly known as H. Carolina)

6-12 inch seedlings, $4.00